Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A week or so ago my buddy Scott sold his bike. We had an opportunity to take it out on one last ride. We checked the radar and it was raining all over the place. It looked like we had a clear shot out to Antelope Island, a rarely visited island out in the Great Salt Lake full of free roaming buffalo and antelope, so we took it. Miraculously we stayed dry the whole ride. It was such an awesome ride. Once we got out to the island it looked as if we were in a different country. If you've never been out there, you've been missing out. Here are a few phone shots of Buffalo Point.

The Grease Ratt.

Scott... looks like he's giving a few words of wisdom to his bike one last time.

The Green Flame, Dirty Sanchez, and The Grease Ratt.

Me and The Grease Ratt.


its all gonna burn said...

call me next time, i got her running!!!

BK said...

That place looks awesome! I've been in Utah for 35 years and I've never been there. We should get a ride planned out there sometime soon.

Jackieshan said...

Jeff, I read the news on TWFMCo... YES! Brady, You're an old man! I thought you were like 29 maybe 30. You sure do age well! Haha. I'm totally down for another ride out to Antelope Island. Let's plan it soon. See you guys at the Salt Flat Social?