Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I thought I'd take the scenic route home since I had the time. Zion National Park. If you're ever somewhat close to this it's worth the extra time to ride through it. It was amazing. Definitely the highlight of the trip. I was rolling solo the ride home, so I had to at least get the bike in the shots.

The little cave right above the seat/tank is actually a window cut out for the tunnel that goes through that whole side of the cliff.

Butterfinger bar... Breakfast!

My dad and I talked about making a trip out here just to ride through this tunnel a couple years back. Sorry you missed out Dad! I had to make up for the trip though. This was the only way!


So I bought a new battery thinking it just wasn't getting a good charge. That didn't work, so I started thinking it could've been the electrical somewhere. Switched out the coil, the plugs, changed the gas, checked the petcock, messed around with the air/fuel mixture on the carb. Ran it rich, then lean, still nothing. Checked the crank position sensor. Then I figured it had to be the ignition control module and that was throwing off the timing. Of course no one in town had one in stock, so I would have to wait until Monday to try and overnight one. Just kicked around by the pool and decided to get some sun and relaxation since there wasn't much else to do but wait. Monday morning I had a thought that maybe I just wasn't getting a good connection on the on/off toggle. So I pulled it out, wired everything together, and to my amazement, no more backfiring! A simple little $3 toggle kept me from Born Free. What a bummer!



I got the bike together with the help of Scott, Trent, and my Dad. Thanks guys! We left for St. George around 9:30PM on Thursday and had no problems whatsoever all the way down. I did happen to hit a rabbit. Didn't even really feel it. Some of the bumps in the road were much worse, especially up by American Fork. Went to the cemetary in the morning to visit Scott's son's Styles' gravesite. The bike started to backfire every so often that morning. We met up with the BOLTS crew cause they had a few bikes down getting new batteries put in. Waited around awhile and decided to get on the road. The bike started to backfire more - I figured it was running a little rich, cause we were going down in elevation. It just got worse. Just a few hours later I could no longer ride my bike. Pulled over and had a friend in Vegas come get me to start diagnosing the problem. Here's a few pics from that day.

Styles Headstone - Designed by none other than Chip Foose.

Scott's eye after riding through a small dust storm near St. George, UT. One of the reasons I wear a full face.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Finishing up some wiring, a few things left on the tank to finish, and my pops is sending me a rad seat off his xs. Here's a few of the latest pics.



Yeah, I had this bike. Got it for my eighth birthday. I thought I was pretty cool. That is until my little brother got it too... NOT on his birthday. They must've been having some kind of sale at Wal-mart or something.


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Leaving in 1 week from today. Still have to finish up the tank, seat, and wiring. Then I have to put the rest back together. Can't wait for this to be done! Sprocket cover turned out rad. It's just a quick drill job before I finish fabbing up the new one. Hubs never made it, so I'll be rolling with the stock wheels. Probably gonna hold off on the scrambler conversion until winter, seeing as how it's half way through June and everything's on back order.