Tuesday, May 4, 2010


30 bikes came out last night for Moto Monday. We ended up switching locations last minute to this little new thai curry place. It was actually pretty good, and cheap too! Afterwards we all went on a little cruise. I kinda felt like we were in Mad Max or something. These guys are the craziest bunch of riders I've ever ridden beside. I think we made the Hell's Angels look like a bunch of sissies. I remember splitting lanes and passing cars downtown doing about 75 in a 20. At stop lights bikes were doing burnouts, revving engines, and on top of that most were yelling and hollering. Everyone in their cars were rolling up the windows and locking their doors. On the 4th south corner heading up to the U, everyone I saw, including me, were dragging pipes or pegs. Coming down 21st I saw at least 3 guys standing up on the tanks surfing. I'm actually surprised no one went down. We gotta do this more often. Too much fun!


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