Monday, August 30, 2010


The reason I love Harley's is also the reason I hate them. I love the feel of how mean, tough and powerful they feel. They're loud, and they vibrate. If you've ever ridden a Harley, more than likely, you fall in love with them. And despite everything you hear about them (you know, always falling apart and stuff) you want one. They just feel cool. It's that big twin vibration feel. And that sound, i'm not even gonna start on the sound. I'll just say two words... BAD ASS. Well, unfortunately, as you might know, that all has consequences. It rattles EVERYTHING loose. After a while, you figure out which bolts come out the fastest. And for me, I have a little checklist I usually go through before big rides, just to make sure nothing is going to fall off down the road. Well, today i've added tail light lens fasteners to my list. Funny now, that just about covers every bolt on the bike... PERFECT! Nothing else should be falling off. Oh, if anyone has a spare lens laying around, let me know. Thanks!

UPDATE: Found a new taillight. An LED one! Thanks Seth!

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