Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I got the bike together with the help of Scott, Trent, and my Dad. Thanks guys! We left for St. George around 9:30PM on Thursday and had no problems whatsoever all the way down. I did happen to hit a rabbit. Didn't even really feel it. Some of the bumps in the road were much worse, especially up by American Fork. Went to the cemetary in the morning to visit Scott's son's Styles' gravesite. The bike started to backfire every so often that morning. We met up with the BOLTS crew cause they had a few bikes down getting new batteries put in. Waited around awhile and decided to get on the road. The bike started to backfire more - I figured it was running a little rich, cause we were going down in elevation. It just got worse. Just a few hours later I could no longer ride my bike. Pulled over and had a friend in Vegas come get me to start diagnosing the problem. Here's a few pics from that day.

Styles Headstone - Designed by none other than Chip Foose.

Scott's eye after riding through a small dust storm near St. George, UT. One of the reasons I wear a full face.

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